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 Nonos76 Auto Repair and Smog Check
Nonos76 - Smog Check 
Nonos76 is a STAR CERTIFIED Test & Repair station, authorized by the Bureau of Automotive Repairs to perform, along with smog check repairs, regular smog inspections and test only smog checks. A STAR CERTIFIED Test & Repair station is the only type of smog check center which can inspect, repair and certify any and all vehicles. These stations are participants of the State's Consumer Assistance Program and are inspected by the State of California monthly.​

We provide a variety of services including:
Nonos76 Reviews
•Star Certified Smog Test
•Standard Smog Test
•Smog Test & Repairs
•Smog Check Certifications
•Change of Ownership Smog Test
•Gross Polluters Certifications
•Bi-Annual Renewal Smog Inspections
•Quality Professional Services
•Average 15 minute wait time
•Certified Trained Smog Technicians
•A Clean Facility
•Satisfaction Guaranteed
•DMV Recommended
•Smog Check Coupons

Nonos76 Reviews
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